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It’s Not Too Late to Tune-Up Your AC!

air-conditioner-repairsNow—we’ll be honest—if you’re just now tuning up your air conditioning system you’re a little behind. Temperatures are already starting to rise here in Oregon. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late though! It’s never ever too late to call a professional for air conditioning services. In a perfect world, you’d schedule your air conditioning tune-up services in spring, but early summer isn’t too shabby either.

Air conditioning maintenance services are never a bad thing to schedule as long as you do them by a professional. If you need great air conditioning service in Eugene, OR make sure that you contact our professionals. We’ve worked throughout Oregon for the last 50 years—we know how to get your home up to par.

Wondering Why You Need Maintenance Services?

A lot of homeowners are skeptical when it comes to scheduling maintenance services. We understand your skepticism. As long as your system seems fine, spending money on a maintenance appointment is one of those things that just seems unnecessary. We want to assure you that maintenance is absolutely essential. Here are a few reasons why:

Skipping Maintenance Costs You Money

Yep! You read that correctly. Skipping out on your maintenance services actually costs you more money. Experts say that your air conditioner loses about 5% of its efficiency every year that it goes without maintenance. This drop off in efficiency only gets worse and worse over time. If you go without maintenance services for years in a row it means that your air conditioner will cost you more to run.

Maintenance Helps You Avoid a Breakdown

It’s a burning hot summer day in your home here in Eugene and your house feels like an oven. You walk over to your thermostat, dial it down to a low temperature, and wait to hear the soft click of your air conditioner to turn on, but instead, you hear the unwelcome sound of silence… your air conditioner is down for the count! This is one of the worst things that can happen during the summer. Maintenance is that key step that can prevent this from happening to you. We have so many hot days ahead of us for the rest of the summer. Make sure your AC system is ready through the services of our team.

Maintenance Helps Your System Live a Long, Healthy Life

An air conditioning unit can last about ten to fifteen years on average. The phrase “on average” here is key because if you go without maintenance services this expensive system that you’ve invested so much money it will only last around that ten-year mark. Regular maintenance will help your system last much longer and function efficiently into those later years. If you need great air conditioning services, make sure that you contact our professional team. You need someone with experience, licensure, and certifications to work on your complex air conditioning system.

Are you ready to tune-up your air conditioner? Make sure you contact our professionals at Comfort Flow Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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