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How Does Fall Maintenance Improve Air Conditioning Performance?

As we creep closer to winter, it is easy to turn off our air conditioner and start thinking about heating. But just shutting your AC off without first scheduling maintenance may lead to problems when you turn your AC back on in the spring. Your air conditioner worked hard all summer; as a result, it is dirty and worn, and may even have a developing problem of which you are unaware. Scheduling maintenance for your air conditioning can help with these kinds of problems and more, and help put your AC in great shape before winter comes. Fall is here and the trained technicians at Comfort Flow Heating are ready to help, so call us today!

Benefits of Fall Maintenance

There are multiple benefits to scheduling fall maintenance for your air conditioner:

  • Maintain energy efficiency – when your air conditioner becomes dirty and worn out from summer usage, it won’t operate at its normal level of efficiency. The tune-up your air conditioner receives during a maintenance appointment allows it to operate optimally, which helps your system maintain its expected efficiency level.
  • Prevent repairs – one of the biggest benefits of maintenance is that it allows you to get ahead of repairs. During a maintenance appointment, your air conditioner is thoroughly inspected by the technician, allowing him/her to detect any existing problems. If there are problems, they can be taken care of before the next cooling season.
  • Extend life of equipment – when your air conditioner is kept in good working order, it doesn’t operate under stressful conditions. This can help extend the life of your equipment.

How Does Fall Maintenance Improve Performance?

Now that you’ve seen some benefits of fall maintenance, let’s look at how the performance of your system is improved. As mentioned above, the technician thoroughly inspects your entire system, but that isn’t all. He/she cleans components, checks for refrigerant leaks, lubricates and adjusts parts as necessary, and makes small repairs where needed. All of this work puts your components into good working order, and allows each component to operate as it should; this helps improve your system’s overall performance.

Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning in Eugene. Call Comfort Flow Heating today!

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