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How Chillers Work

For your commercial HVAC installation, chillers are often a good option for large spaces when you need to remain on a budget, and they are also effective for cooling down industrial machinery. Many people are not aware of how chillers operate and what makes them different from standard air conditioners. We’ll look into chiller function in this post.

Comfort Flow Heating has many years of experience installing chillers in Eugene, OR, as well as installing many other kinds of commercial HVAC systems. We also offer 24 hour emergency service, so you never have to worry about failures when you’re working odd hours of the night.

How chillers work

A chiller is a refrigeration unit that produces cooling by removing heat from liquid using either vapor compression or refrigeration absorption. Most chillers use water rather than chemical refrigerant as the circulating liquid (although they will still use refrigerant in the refrigerant absorption cycle to cool down the liquid), which is one of the ways that a chiller differ from an AC or a heat pump.

In the standard chiller that works as an air conditioner, heat is removed from the circulating water through the condensing coils. The chilled water in the unit is used to cool the air when it passes through evaporator coils, and the water returns to the chiller where it is cooled again. The amount of cooling BTUs from a chiller can be substantial, between 180,000 to 18,000,000 BTUs per hour, which makes them ideal for industrial use.

Chillers can produce a large amount of heat exhaust, which must either be released to the outdoor air, or, in more efficient units, recovered as energy to use in the heating process of the cycle.

Professional commercial chiller installation

As with any major appliance for a business, you want to make sure professionals in commercial HVAC install chillers for company. There are many different options for the type and size of chiller installed, and you’ll need special expertise to pick the right unit. Comfort Flow Heating has formed trusted partnerships with many businesses in the Eugene area because of our skill with installation and maintenance for their valuable equipment. Make us one of your trusted partners with installations of chillers in Eugene, OR.

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