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Fixing the Hot Spots in Your House

One of the most common myths about air conditioning is that hot spots in homes are just inevitable and nothing can be done to stop them. Uneven cooling (and uneven heating during the winter) is a problem that many homes face, but there are ways to stop it and enjoy cool temperature throughout a house. Below we’ll look at some of the ways hots spots can be fixed. Our technicians are here to help you out: they’ll track down the cause of uneven heating and offer great solutions.

  • Replacing a poorly-sized AC: This is an all-too-common problem for homes. Amateurs who install air conditioning systems frequently size the system incorrectly. Both an over-sized and under-sized air conditioner will create uneven cooling in a house. Solving this requires putting in a new system that is sized according to a professionally done load calculation.
  • Home air sealing: Often the reason for hot spots in a house are gaps in insulation around doors and windows that allow heat inside. We have professional air sealers on staff who will identify these spots and do the job of closing them up.
  • Duct sealing: Ducts that have gaps in them will let the cool air escape from them. Room vents connected to damaged duct will suffer from a drop in cooling power. Professionals duct sealing using metallic tapes and mastic sealant can solve this. You may also need more extensive duct repairs to improve how effectively the ventilation system is distributing air around the house.
  • Miscellaneous AC repairs: There are many different air conditioning malfunctions that can lead to some rooms receiving less cooling than others. These including icing on the coil, a hard-starting compressor, or basic wear and tear lowering the air conditioner’s abilities. Usually the rooms farthest along the ventilation system will lose cooling first. Call for specialists to investigate the AC and find what needs repairs.

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