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Are You Ready for Geothermal Air Conditioning in Springfield, OR?

Do you know what geothermal is? As you might have guessed, it has to do something with the thermal energy stored below the surface of the Earth, but it’s not related to lava or hot magma. Rather, it refers to the energy stored by the energy of the sun’s radiation. Unlike temperatures above the surface that fluctuate radically throughout the year, the temperature of the earth just below the surface remains relatively static and moderate throughout the year. Recent advances in geothermal technology have brought the ability to capture this moderating influence into the average home. But many homeowners have unanswered questions about what geothermal is and whether they could benefit from it. You need to find a reputable contractor who can make sure that your property can make the most of geothermal–it may not be right for everyone. Call the air conditioning experts at Comfort Flow Heating today for more information regarding your geothermal air conditioning options in Springfield, OR.

A geothermal setup is basically a ground-source heat pump with underground piping and ductwork. A coolant circulates through a system of underground piping, whether it’s installed in a shallow, horizontal bed, or in deep vertical wells. This piping connects to a fairly standard heat pump HVAC system with ducts extending throughout your home. It tends to be highly effective for those looking for a temperature solution whose energy source is renewable and sustainable. It uses the moderate temperature of the earth to cool your warm indoor air during the summer months, and it uses that same moderate temperature to heat your home during the winter. Because it uses very little electricity, geothermal tends to be highly energy efficient.

The decision to install geothermal in your home must be made in consultation with a professional. Your property will need to be looked at in order to assess whether it could be a worthwhile candidate for geothermal. The installation process itself involves excavation where you underground piping will go, and may require special equipment if you opt for vertical wells. However, the long-term energy savings often offset the higher upfront cost.

Call Comfort Flow Heating today for all of your air conditioning needs in Springfield, OR, including geothermal installation and repair.

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